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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Boomoji - the presented utility helps users to create their own avatars in the style of animation on mobile devices of modern Android system. With the help of the phone you can make a three-dimensional avatar with an exact repetition of human facial features. For a more accurate reproduction of the "cartoon" when changing a large number of tools in the program. For such work you need to go through the authorization process with a valid phone number.


Unique is the process of creating an animated avatar, when you can completely change its appearance and physique. There are over a thousand stickers and a huge assortment of facial features (hairstyles, eyebrows and so on) as tools. In reality, you can upload several pictures of the user to get his own avatar in automatic mode. It is even possible to wear any clothing and other accessories to create a unique image in the form of three-dimensional anime. After this procedure, the person can enjoy a set of bonuses of an entertaining nature. If desired, it is possible to make a gif or superimpose your avatar on the image of an acquaintance or friend to shoot then a joint dance. Then edit the video. The image in the form of a cartoon character will look very original, if you use the full functionality of the above program.

Distinctive characteristics

The following features of the application can be included in this list:
  • You can download content for free;
  • It is possible to create original avatars in the form of three-dimensional anime;
  • Characters can perform a dance or play;
  • It is possible to continuously generate stickers received;
  • There is a chat room where you can exchange avatars;
  • User-friendly and comfortable navigation menu interface;
  • Sticker can be given a mood and emotion;
  • You can use it on current Android versions.
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