Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 201


PixelLab is a handy graphic editor for Android. It supports working with layers, you can add and customize text blocks. There is a built-in catalog of additional content.

Text and background

As a source image you can use a file from the local directory or a background from the program directory. To access the file system, the application must be granted the appropriate permissions beforehand. After adding text, a panel with available settings is activated. You can change the font, color, size and alignment. A selection of wishes and motivational texts is provided, but they are only available in French and English. A convenient input form is used to add your own text. All changes are immediately displayed on the workspace. There is an undo function that allows you to go back an arbitrary number of steps.

Smiles and stickers

The function of adding stickers is supported. There is a corresponding section in the built-in catalog, and you can also upload your own image. The built-in file manager is used for this purpose.


When the current project is finished, you can specify file parameters and save it to a local directory. The program also allows you to publish the image in a social network. There is a help section that allows you to quickly learn the basic functionality of the application. Interface elements and menu items are described, and there is a collection of ready-made examples. If errors are detected, you can contact the developers through the built-in form.


  • built-in catalog of inscriptions and stickers;
  • font selection;
  • function to change the image size and aspect ratio;
  • image publishing in a social network;
  • free download.
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