Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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iSave is an app for the Android platform that allows you to upload videos and photos from Instagram a simple interface is used, uploading is carried out in automatic mode. A detailed instruction on how to work is built in.

Photos and videos

Built-in tools ensure that content is uploaded in its original quality. You can upload data from different pages. Files are uploaded to a local directory, and access can be gained through a separate tab of the application. This allows you to conveniently manage data, as well as run them directly in the program interface. Sorting and grouping tools are available, you can delete a file or move it to another directory. To move to the next file, just swipe in the desired direction. Beforehand, you can switch to full-screen mode.


It is worth considering that in order to download content, you need to install the latest version of the official social network client on your mobile device. The utility provides access to the content and a direct link. Next, you need to launch the utility and open your page through the interface. After opening the publication, you need to open the panel of additional functions, find and copy the link. The program will automatically recognize it and upload a photo or video. The maximum available quality is used, the content is not compressed at the loading stage. A separate tab contains the program description and operating instructions. All the features and limitations of the program are specified. In case of errors you can contact the developers.


  • fast photo and video uploading;
  • full-screen mode support during viewing;
  • gesture control;
  • built-in gallery;
  • official Instagram app must be installed;
  • free download.

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