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Soundraw is a neural network that allows you to generate music in different genres. It uses a web application for access, allowing access from different platforms including Android.

Musical tools

During the training phase of the model, compositions in different genres were used. The array contained different types of data - chords, rhythms, individual sound effects, and so on. This allows the AI to generate unique compositions that are difficult to distinguish from human-made projects. At the initial stage, the elements that are more often used in the specified style are selected. All other specified settings are also taken into account - tempo, mood, set of instruments, and so on. The current version of the platform allows you to create arrangements, tracks and lyrics. It is possible to specify features and preferences that will be taken into account in the process of creating a file. In the resulting audio recording, real instruments and features of music in the specified genre are imitated. If necessary, you can adjust the obtained result - change the tempo, mood and a number of other parameters. The built-in player contains all the necessary functions to control playback.

Track creation

To work with the service, you need to create a personal account. Then the basic settings are specified in sequence. You can select the composition of the instruments used and their specifics of use. After the generation is started, the utility will create several songs that can be launched for listening. The file can be saved to a local directory, added to Favorites or sent to friends. Please note that some options are not available in the free version. To remove restrictions, you need to activate a subscription. In the main menu you can find a list of paid options, available tariffs and payment instructions. The help section provides detailed instructions on working with the platform and key features of the used AI model.


  • generation of melodies with specified parameters;
  • AI is used;
  • large selection of genres and styles;
  • editing function;
  • free download.
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