Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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OneBooster is a software that allows you to optimize the performance of your portable Android device. You can also use the program to reduce the consumption of the mobile battery, clean the internal memory from unnecessary data and much more.

Memory Cleanup

The key progrmma tool is responsible for removing unnecessary, as well as temporary files from the internal storage of the tablet or phone. To clean the memory, a person just needs to run the analysis procedure. According to the results of scanning, the software will detect outdated APKs, utility caches and other things in the gadget's storage. Then the mobile application will offer to remove these elements. It should be noted that when deleting temporary files, the program does not touch data related to the personal information of the user. The application also has a tool for removing duplicates.

Other tools

The software is able to limit the sending of notifications from specific utilities. To use this option, the user should go to the corresponding tab and select the software from which he does not want to receive notifications. The application is able to speed up the work of a portable gadget. To do this, the utility has a selection of tools responsible for optimization. One of them allows you to clean the RAM of the device. Also available to the user is a tool for reducing the temperature of the mobile processor. The mobile utility has its own antivirus. Thanks to this, a person can check the gadget for malware, including trojans and viruses. After detecting security-threatening files, the user can erase them from the storage of the phone or tablet.


  • A tool is present to free the memory from unnecessary files;
  • Free installation and application;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Ability to find viruses and other dangerous software;
  • Compatible with newer versions of Android;
  • Tools are available for cooling the mobile processor, cleaning RAM and much more.
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