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System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
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Blackbox is a mobile utility that allows you to record and save phone conversations. The application supports working with audio files of different formats, including 3GP, AAC and AMR. It is possible to select a folder to store recorded conversations. An option is available that is responsible for regular cleaning of the created files.

Recording conversations

Thanks to the functionality implemented in the program, a person is able to save phone conversations in the memory of his Android gadget. For the application to be able to record user calls, the user needs to allow the utility to work in the background without restrictions. Also, the program needs rights to access the list of contacts, GPS, call history, built-in storage and microphone. Then the user will be able to keep a record of communication on the phone. It is worth noting that the mobile utility can function with failures if there is other software for recording phone conversations on the portable device. In addition, a person may notice noises and distortions on the resulting record. This is due to the fact that some telecom operators make attempts to block the recordings of phone calls.


The software provides an opportunity to create backup duplicate recordings. In addition, the user can restrict access to the created audio files. In the settings of the mobile program you can specify the desired extension for the created audio files. Among the options available to the user are: AAC, MP3, 3GP, M4A and a number of others. The user is also allowed to configure periodic cleaning of recorded audio files, change the folder for storing content, specify the audio source used and much more.


  • Free utility for recording phone conversations;
  • You are allowed to customize regular deletion of created files;
  • Distortions may occur on the recordings due to the actions of telecom operators;
  • Correct functioning on current versions of OC;
  • Allows you to send audio files to cloud storage;
  • Many formats are supported, including M4A and AAC.

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