Murf ai

Murf ai
Category: Players
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Murf ai is a web application for accessing a cloud-based neural network. It can be used on different platforms, including Android. The program allows you to quickly voice text by selecting the right parameters for the voice.

Voice generator

The standard set contains over 120 voices, there are 20 languages in the catalog. The program allows you to voice different materials - videos, lectures, presentations, books and so on. In all cases, maximum naturalness of the voice is ensured. After installation, you need to create an account and authorize. Then you can start working - upload text, specify the language and voice. An additional panel allows you to change the timbre and other parameters. Beforehand, you can listen to examples of voiceovers. This allows you to choose the option that is best suited for a particular situation.

Text voicing

The working interface is implemented in the virtual studio format. You can create new projects, save them in the library and edit them if necessary. There is an extensive catalog of templates, for navigation you can use search or a tree of categories - presentations, training videos and so on. A large number of languages are supported, including quite rare ones. It is possible to select a time range or specific phrases for editing. Pre-listening mode is available at any stage of work. A separate option allows you to cancel the last actions. The program allows you to adjust the voice pitch, playback speed, volume and other parameters. Separate tools allow you to add pauses and change the sound peculiarities of individual words. This ensures maximum naturalness of the recording. There is a mode of converting the recording into text. All common file formats are supported. The resulting file can be immediately dubbed with another voice. The basic functionality is available for free, but an extended version with a number of unique features is available as part of the subscription. Comparison of versions can be found in the help section.


  • AI text voicing;
  • large selection of templates;
  • language selection;
  • audio to text conversion;
  • you can use it for free.
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