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WB Partners

WB Partners
Category: Services
System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 140


WB Partners is an official Android application from a well-known marketplace. It is designed for sellers and allows you to fully manage your personal account, as well as communicate with buyers and track statistics.

Sales dynamics and products

The program allows you to generate reports with the desired set of parameters, which allows you to track the level of sales and plan your business. Built-in tools allow you to specify the desired period, select the most popular products and analyze the level of income. The function of exporting to an external file is supported.

Product cards

The application allows you to conveniently view card ratings, track current balances and quickly adapt to market changes. The user can edit the description, change the price, add photos. It is possible to hide items and add new products by filling in all the necessary fields.

Delivery tracking

The next section allows you to control deliveries, which will ensure smooth operation of the store. You can plan new deliveries, generate reports and so on. There is a built-in scheduler for convenient viewing of data. You can flexibly change the pricing policy and launch promotions to attract new customers. The resulting reports allow you to quickly analyze changes in user activity to assess efficiency.


The program interface provides notifications of new messages. This allows you to promptly answer questions and solve disputable situations. A separate feed is intended for tracking new comments. It is possible to receive news from the company by specifying the required notification mode.


  • the program is oriented on salesmen;
  • report generation;
  • adding and editing product cards;
  • communication with buyers;
  • free download.

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