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Touch Macro Pro

Touch Macro Pro
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 178


Touch Macro Pro is a software tool that gives the user access to a macro editor. This allows the user to develop scripts for automatic execution of similar actions. There are two ways to create macros in the application. Some scripts may require root access.

Developing macros

After installing the utility, a person will be able to develop various scenarios that will independently perform pre-specified actions. Due to this, the user can simplify the passage of the game, set a quick activation of the eye protection mode and so on. The program has no limit on the number of actions added to one automatic scenario. The utility has two different ways of developing macros. The first involves opening the editor to specify the number of clicks, their type, and so on. The second method allows you to activate the record mode and perform actions that will be executed by the macro in the future.

Activating scripts

Activation of macros created by the user is carried out using preconfigured gestures and taps. It should be noted that the software can distinguish between different types of taps. Among them: hold, swipe, quick tap, long hold and so on. For the program to function, the user needs to enable the ADB mode. In addition, some macros may require root access.


  • A free utility for developing and activating macros;
  • Two different scripting methods are available;
  • ADB must be enabled for the utility to work;
  • Full support for the latest versions of the Android mobile system;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • No limit on the number of actions in one scenario;
  • The program distinguishes between different types of touches.

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