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System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Magnifier is a useful program for android devices that was developed by the famous google corporation. It is created in order to improve the detailing of small text information. To realize this goal, here you can turn your phone gadget into a magnifier by applying the smartphone camera. Since the functionality of the utility is limited, the interface is simple enough to master, so no one will have problems with this issue. The software itself can be downloaded and used on a free basis on all devices that run on the basis of the above operating system. Immediately it should be noted that it is incompatible with older versions.


The mobile client allows you to improve and increase the legibility of text that is small or far away. It functions as a magnifying glass, while utilizing the capabilities of the gadget's camera. All that is required is to point it at small inscriptions, after which the utility will enlarge them automatically. It guarantees a high-quality and clear image. It can even be used as a microscope. The software helps those who have poor eyesight, thus such users begin to see better the necessary information. Moreover, you can adjust the zoom, freeze and invert the picture, as well as highlight the text to be zoomed in.

Nuances of use

The software can magnify any text information, even if it is at a huge distance. Due to the built-in algorithms, visual effects can be added to adjust contrast and improve the readability of inscriptions. If there is not enough light, the brightness is automatically adjusted. You can also adjust the zoom level of finished illustrations:
  • To quickly launch the magnifier, you need to perform a few consecutive manipulations:
  • go to the phone settings and open the system tab, then select gestures;
  • Then you need to press "use short touch", and then enter the utility settings and select magnifier.
  • As a result, you have to tap the back cover of the gadget twice to launch the web product.


  • Ability to turn the camera of the phone device into a magnifying glass;
  • application of artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the detail of text information;
  • the ability to quickly launch the magnifier.

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