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Kissing on Screen

Kissing on Screen
Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 130


Kissing on Screen is a unique software with which you can make animated pictures of kissing, then send them to other users. You can also use live wallpapers with the help of built-in settings. It is a great interactive tool that allows you to express your own feelings. You can send kisses to anyone you want, including your significant other, friends or family. This creates a sense of intimacy even when there is no personal contact due to distance. There are few functions implemented here, but all of them are useful and allow you to realize your goals.


On the main page you can choose the right type of kisses, which are presented in a wide variety of variations. For example, you can find a friendly, tender or even passionate kiss. This application contributes to the fact that users were able to create small animated illustrations, so that they can later be sent via messengers. In addition, it is possible to choose a kiss that perfectly reflects the feelings for the recipient and send the corresponding variant to the right person. The program can send an individual notification along with a sticker. That is, you can write a small text message that will be displayed along with the selected kiss. This makes the interaction with an important person more meaningful.


It is also worth mentioning another distinctive feature in the form of a realistic display of a kiss on the screen of the gadget. When the corresponding function is activated, a picture of lips kissing the display will appear. If desired, you can turn on the music accompaniment. Moreover, here you can customize the shape and shade of the lips, as well as move them around the screen.


  • Ability to send virtual kisses and add them to the smartphone display;
  • Ability to share animated lips with other people;
  • free distribution of the mobile client.
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