Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Aleumet is a mobile Android utility designed for users with disabilities. The functions of the program are available to residents of Kazakhstan. With the help of the application, users are able to receive various assistance, including requesting wheelchairs, trips to sanatoriums and so on.

Start of use

This utility is a mobile client of the online service of the same name, developed by the decision of the government of Kazakhstan. Therefore, all user actions are synchronized between the program and the website. To start using the utility, the user needs to authorize. If the user does not have a personal profile, he is able to start it on the website. It is worth noting that not only a disabled person can register, but also his/her guardian. After logging into his account, the person will have access to all the functions of the state Internet portal.

Service features

The mobile utility informs the person of all types of assistance available for specific health problems. To compile this list, the software takes into account the personal information of the person with a disability. Through the mobile program, the user can order various types of assistance. Among other things, the online service allows ordering prostheses, walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, hearing aids, head supports, bandages and much more. In this case, the user is allowed to choose the appropriate manufacturers and models of goods. It is also possible to read information about products through the mobile utility. The creators plan to increase the number of available functions. For example, at the moment is preparing a service to request a sign language interpreter and much more.


  • The program for free assistance for people with disabilities;
  • The service works for users living in Kazakhstan;
  • Multilingual interface;
  • Compatibility with a large number of OC versions;
  • It is possible to request hearing aids, wheelchairs and other goods.

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