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Category: VPN
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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3X VPN is a program that gives users access to intermediate servers, connection to which allows them to bypass regional blockades and hide their own Internet address. The time of using VPN in the free version is limited. The program has a convenient English-language interface.

Connecting to a server

The software's toolkit allows the user to hide his real location, thereby opening access to web resources that do not work in a particular state. To make this possible, a person needs to open the application and select a remote server from one of the many available states. These include: India, Turkey, USA, Netherlands, UK, Japan, France, Germany and several others. Each country has several servers available. The user should choose the one with the lowest latency. If desired, you can use the smart connection feature. This option is responsible for the automatic selection of the most suitable server from the list of available servers.


After connecting to any server, the program starts a timer. It displays the time available to the user. When the timer expires, the connection to the foreign server will be terminated. A person has two methods of increasing the time. The first method allows one to purchase additional hours. The second method allows you to extend the time of the utility by watching advertising content. In the parameters of the application, the user can choose the software in which the VPN connection will be used. Utilities that are not in this list will continue to run without using an intermediate server.


  • Free utility that allows you to connect to foreign servers;
  • Ability to extend the time of VPN use by watching promotional videos;
  • Full functionality on current versions of Android;
  • High level of user data security.

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