Category: Entertainment
System: Android 9
Program Status: Free
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Widgetable is an entertainment program for Android tablets and phones. With the help of the application, people can place virtual plants, mood icons and pets on the display of a portable gadget. It is possible to send messages to other users. There are paid tools available.

Creative widgets

The program functionality allows you to place various animals, icons and plants on the device display. The graphic design of such widgets is made in the style of cartoons. Virtual plants and animals need to be taken care of, following their needs. For example, animals need to be fed and watered, and plants need to be watered. If plants and pets are cared for sufficiently, they will gradually grow. Getting new widgets is done through virtual eggs. Various plants and animals randomly fall out of them. If desired, a person can make a list of three desired widgets. This increases the chance of them falling out of the virtual eggs. Among the available plants in the catalog are: raspberry, cactus, rose, sakura, flytrap, lemon, lavender, pineapple, cherry, peony and so on. Among the available animals are: squirrel, duck, cat, dolphin, dog, frog, hare, panda, fox, penguin and many others. It should be noted that the user can get the desired pets and plants for real money. Also in the program you can purchase various accelerations.

Communication with friends

The program allows you to send various messages to your friends. To be able to communicate with another person, the user must exchange unique IDs with him/her. The application allows you to send so-called emotion bubbles to your friends. In this way, you can inform the interlocutor of your current mood. The program also allows you to jointly raise a virtual pet or take care of a plant.


  • Free program for placing unusual widgets;
  • Ability to get and grow virtual animals and plants;
  • Social features including co-parenting;
  • Paid features;
  • Correct work on the latest versions of Android system.

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