Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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obimy is a free program that allows users to communicate through virtual gestures. Thanks to the utility's functionality, people can express their feelings in an unusual way. The interface is translated into Russian. The application can be used by users on whose devices are installed Android system at least version 5.

Personal account

The first thing the free utility will ask the user to authorize through a personal Google profile. Next, the application will automatically obtain information about the person, including their gender and name. However, if the information received from the Google profile is incorrect, the user is free to change the information about himself in the account settings. When the user is authorized, he will have to add his partner. To do this, click on the item "Add partner". Then the utility will form a unique link that should be sent to the interlocutor in messenger or social network, for example, Telegram or VKontakte.

Gesture communication

Software gives people the opportunity to communicate in an extremely unusual way. Namely with the help of various gestures. It should be noted that the mobile application is primarily intended for people in romantic relationships. Among the available gestures are:
  • Tickling;
  • Love pinch;
  • Sending nude pictures;
  • Kissing;
  • Licking;
  • Embrace.
You can also check your partner's current status through the app. Including his heart rate and the number of steps traveled during the day. The functionality of the free utility will be especially useful in a situation when lovers are far away from each other and can not meet.


  • Support for all current versions of mobile OC;
  • Ability to send gestures to your romantic partner;
  • Free download and use of the utility;
  • Presence of Russian-language localization;
  • Information about the status and activity of the interlocutor.

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