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Category: VPN
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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ZoogVPN is a Ukrainian application that is designed to connect to a VPN service. It will allow you to bypass various blockages, as well as protect your connection to various sites.

Server selection

Immediately it should be noted that the program provides an opportunity to register in the service, but this is not required to get access to free features. To connect to the server, you can click the connect button, after which ZoogVPN will choose the most optimal server at the moment. You should use it if you want to achieve the highest possible connection speed. If you need to connect to a specific country, ZoogVPN also provides this option. Among the available countries are: Europe, USA, China, India, Israel and many others. Some highly specialized countries may be required in order to access rare information that is only available for viewing within the country. You need to understand that the described client has paid features that aim to expand the number of available servers and so on. To pay, you need to register and bind a bank card to the program.

Application features

ZoogVPN has a few additional features that you may find useful. For example, you can set up automatic startup to always use only the VPN connection. The user can also manually specify IP address and DNS servers, which may be required to connect to a specific server.

Main features

  • The utility is a VPN client that can bypass blocking and protect the user on the network;
  • A large number of servers are present, including those in rare countries;
  • The program can itself choose the best server for fast connection;
  • There are paid features and servers available only by subscription.

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