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Imaging Edge

Imaging Edge
Category: Recording
System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 120


Imaging Edge is an app for Android platforms that allows you to send photos/videos to your smartphone, you can use it to take photos remotely while saving geolocation.


The utility will not only allow you to take pictures, but also transfer from the Sony camera, which has built-in WiFi to your smartphone. Works similarly to Mycam, and allows you to automatically receive all photos and videos wirelessly. The user can also check the received or taken picture from the security camera, and in real time. The utility will allow to send any video recording at high speed, including 4K. Also, the user can open/send a photo from the camera, even if the latter is not active. There is a photo upload to your own social networks, without sacrificing quality.


Through the application, the user can remotely take a photo while using his smartphone for other tasks. And due to this with the help of the application you can shoot night landscapes, as well as the flow of water, other situations in which exposure is required. The utility will allow you to conduct macro photography, as well as save the location of the shooting. It is important to take into account that geolocation is available only if it is supported by the camera model itself. But if desired, you can enter the location data in manual mode by yourself.


In the application you can save up to 20 sets of settings of your camera, choosing one or another parameter for the most different mdeli. You can also use professional or compact cameras, as well as action and interchangeable optics cameras. It is worth taking into account the fact that the functions available in the utility - purely individual, and depend on the model you use.


  • You can control the selected security camera.
  • It is possible to make a video recording, save pictures.
  • Supports the utility and broadcasting the shooting in real time.
  • It is possible to post the photos made in a social network, without reducing their quality level.
  • The utility can be downloaded/used for free.
  • The application is compatible with current Android versions.

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