Category: Social media
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 149


X is a mobile version of the social platform that was formerly called Twitter. The program allows you to post text publications, communicate with other members of the online service and much more. Paid features are present.

Main functions

When first turning on the utility, a person will see an authorization window. If the user does not have his own profile in this social network, he can register it. To do this, a person will need to enter and confirm the phone number. The application also implements the possibility of logging in through a profile Google this utility is a well-known social network Twitter, which has changed its owner and name. With the help of the functionality of the online platform, the user can post posts with a small amount of text, as well as images and videos. In addition, the mobile program has the ability to communicate in comments to posts or in private chats. The social network has an algorithm responsible for making personalized recommendations for each user. Also in the utility there is a section with popular at the moment hashtags. This allows you to find out what is currently being actively discussed in the community.


The user can sign up for one of the two subscriptions available in the service. The cheaper premium version gives a person the ability to post posts with a large amount of text, make changes to publications, change the utility shortcut, and so on. The more expensive premium version includes all the benefits of the previous plan. Additionally, the user will see less advertising content and get a checkmark next to his nickname.


  • Mobile client of the popular social network;
  • It is possible to publish posts with images, text and video;
  • Free access to the main features of the platform;
  • Support for many versions of OC;
  • There is a system of personal recommendations;
  • Multilingual interface text.

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