Category: Social media
System: Android 9.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 85


Jagat is an application for creating a world map with a set of unique places. It is oriented for travelers. You can mark the places you have explored or those you are planning to visit. You can share your project with friends or view their publications.


To access the functionality, you need to undergo a simple registration, only a login and password are specified. Next, you need to give the program access to your current location and contacts. The phone book can be used to add friends or send an invitation to join the service.

Places on the map

The interface of the program allows you to mark different types of objects. These can be restaurants, landmarks, libraries, parks and so on. A description is specified, photos and notes can be added. An interactive map with tags is used for viewing. There is a zoom function and gesture control. Tapping on a marker displays a description and a ribbon of photos.


Social functions are provided. After forming a list of friends, they get an opportunity to track the user's publications. You can also go to a friend's profile to view his or her history. You can set up notifications to promptly learn about new publications. The program allows you to form a link and send it through the social network. A separate tab collects detailed statistics of visited places. It is possible to select a certain period or activate additional filters. This allows you to plan trips and mark completed items.


  • you can mark interesting places on the world map;
  • you can add friends and track their content;
  • display of statistics;
  • free download.

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