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Category: Other (System)
System: Android 2.3.2
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 624


VBE K2 GHOST BOX is a mobile utility equipped with functionality for communication with otherworldly forces, including ghosts. The interface of the program has no Russian localization. There is a manual available that explains how the mobile utility works.

Instructions for use

After turning on the mobile application, a person will find a remote control with many buttons. To understand the interface of the program and the principle of its operation, the user should click on the YouTube icon. It is located in the lower left corner of the virtual remote control. After clicking on the icon, the program will open the official video hosting client or an Internet browser. This is due to the absence of its own player in the utility. To start communicating with the spirit, the user needs to click on the button labeled Play. Next, the person should start moving around the place where he is currently located. In the process of moving the user will hear various distortions and interference, as well as unintelligible phrases in English. From this moment the user will be able to ask his questions to the otherworldly being. However, it will not be possible to understand what the spirit said at once. First a person will have to change the speed of recording and listen carefully to the words of the creature. It should be noted that, despite the claims of the creators, the program actually does not give the opportunity to communicate with spirits. The utility regularly repeats the same words. In addition, all the phrases of the creatures are voiced only in English. In this regard, the user should perceive the program more as an entertainment program.

Remote control

The virtual remote control presented in the utility has a lot of buttons. With their help, the user is able to start recording, pause it, adjust the volume, change the playback speed and so on.


  • Free utility, compatible with old and new versions of OC;
  • The creators claim that the program allows you to communicate with ghosts;
  • English-language interface;
  • There is a manual to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the program.
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