Miga City World

Miga City World
Category: Education and e-books
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Miga City World is an entertaining Android utility designed primarily for children. In the program, you can create your own character and travel around the virtual city. A significant part of the content is not available without purchasing a subscription.


After launching the entertainment program, the user will need to create a virtual avatar in the built-in editor. In the process of working on the appearance of the character, a person can use different hairstyles, clothes, accessories and so on. It is also possible to change the skin tone and eye color. The application has elements of a life simulator. Therefore, the user will have to monitor the state of his character. Including the user will need to put the avatar to sleep, feed him, change clothes and so on.

Virtual City

Developers have added a huge number of interesting locations to the entertainment application. Among them there are: a variety of stores, garage, police station, beach, hospital, apartment buildings, restaurant, park, snack bar, museum and many others. It should be noted that some of the game locations are initially inaccessible. Such locations are colored gray. Access to them opens only after purchasing a premium subscription. In each game location there are different characters. For example, in stores user will meet sellers, and in the hospital - doctors. If desired, the user is able to replace the standard characters with others. The system of changing day and night is implemented in the program. And the user can manually change the time of day using the corresponding option.


  • Video game with simulation of a virtual city;
  • There is paid content;
  • A large number of different locations, including a diner and a park;
  • Character editor available;
  • Compatible with new versions of Android system;
  • The ability to change the time of day is present;
  • The player needs to keep an eye on his character's needs.

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