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XYZ Player

XYZ Player
Category: Recording
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 590


XYZ Player is a multifunctional player for Android platform. It supports a large number of formats, it is possible to organize convenient content storage. You can watch live broadcasts from external resources. Work with playlists is supported.

Viewing video

After installation, you need to provide access to the internal memory of the device. After scanning the file structure, a list of all supported files will be displayed. It is possible to add a video clip manually by opening the desired directory. The library allows you to conveniently store records. It is possible to create new categories or catalogs, use different sorting mode, search form and other tools. All necessary controls are available while browsing. Changing the orientation of the display and full-screen mode are supported. A separate option allows you to select the aspect ratio. The standard scroll bar can be used to rewind to the desired position. During playback, the current position, clip duration and title are displayed. A separate tab contains a set of functions for working with playlists. You can create your own thematic selections, edit and delete files.

Online broadcasts

To connect to the live stream you need to activate the Online Stream item and specify the link. It is recommended to use the mode only when the network connection is stable. The player supports all modern video streaming protocols, including RTSP, RTMP, HTTP and MMS. If the Internet speed is not enough, you can change the recording quality, which will reduce the load on the channel.


  • All current video formats are supported;
  • automatic search for supported files;
  • connection to live broadcasts by link;
  • free download.

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