NIS Online

NIS Online
Category: Education and e-books
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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NIS Online is an educational utility that can be installed and used on Android gadgets. NIS students from the Republic of Kazakhstan have access to the program. The utility's catalog includes educational courses in history, geography and other subjects.


The first thing a person must do is to authorize on the online platform. Only NISH AOE students can do this. Login to the personal profile is done with the help of information issued by the administration of the NIH AEO. After authorization, the student can choose the language in which the educational materials and the interface of the mobile program will be available. There are three options in total: Kazakh, English and Russian. A large number of classes on different subjects are available in the application. These include: biology, ecology, geometry, Kazakh literature, algebra, Russian, chemistry, geography, geography, social studies, world history, English, law, physics and many others.

Learning process

The software allows you to take courses in a distance learning format. At the same time, the application is able to customize the study plan for different students. Each training course has text materials, tests, videos, audio recordings and much more. This makes it easier for the student to master the theory as well as test their knowledge. In addition to the above features, the mobile utility has a section with the student's progress. In this tab, the user has the opportunity to check the progress of each subject and grades for various assignments.


  • A completely free utility that is compatible with many OC versions;
  • The program can be used by NISH AOE students;
  • It is possible to study materials in many subjects, including chemistry;
  • Multilingual interface text;
  • Student progress tab is available;
  • Tests, videos and more are available.
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