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System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Deeper is an Android application to help you in the fishing process. It is possible to synchronize the application with the echo sounder and predict the fishing. It is worth considering that the program is oriented for use in tandem with echo sounders of the same name.

Synchronization with echo sounder

The main purpose of the program is pairing with echo sounders of the same name brand. Connection is automatic, wireless channel is used. Additional configuration is not required. On the smartphone screen, you can view the actual depth map, which is obtained by echolocation. Standard technology is used - using reflected sound waves, the distance to solid surfaces is calculated. Another useful function is the automatic detection of large schools of fish. They are displayed on the map as a set of bright dots. This allows you to choose a fishing spot in advance and adjust it if necessary.

Forecast calendar

The next section is a special calendar that allows you to predict the success of fishing based on a large number of parameters. The weather forecast, location of the water body, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, lunar stages and a number of other parameters are analyzed. The algorithm processes all the information received and displays it in a convenient form. The data is displayed in the form of a calendar, which allows you to choose the optimal day for fishing. Beginning users are recommended to preliminarily study the help section. This will allow you to learn all the available functionality and quickly find the necessary option. Instructions are provided for connecting the echosounder and the initial setup of the program.


  • synchronization is supported only with Deeper echo sounders;
  • display of information on the phone screen;
  • predicting the success of fishing;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • free download.
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