Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 745


Eyecon is a mobile program with a Russian language interface that allows you to make and receive calls. There is a possibility to record a conversation on the phone. There is a function responsible for blocking unwanted contacts. It is possible to search for contacts from the phone book with the help of voice.

Calls and messages

This utility gives you the ability to write SMS messages, call people, as well as receive calls. A separate section of the application displays a list with past calls, both outgoing and incoming. You can call and write SMS without this program. However, this utility has a lot of useful functions. For example, the mobile application has an option to identify unknown and hidden numbers. Due to this, a person can avoid communicating with scammers and other undesirable personalities. Also in the program there is a function that is responsible for finding a photo with the face of the subscriber. To do this, the application checks accounts in social networks.

Contact list

The user is allowed to choose how contacts from the phonebook will be displayed. There are three different options available to a person: small tile, list, large tile. In addition, the developers added to the program the ability to sort the list of contacts by different criteria. For example, the user can activate the display of numbers in the order of frequency of communication with them. The program also allows you to sort contacts alphabetically. The user can also add any numbers to the favorites collection.

Other features

The application has a number of additional features that can also be useful to the user. For example, the mobile utility supports the search for people using voice queries. Also, the software implements a tool for recording conversations on the phone. The audio files created with the help of this function can be sent to cloud storage.


  • The ability to manage calls and SMS messages is available;
  • Correct functioning on current versions of the Android system;
  • Free access to the main features of the program;
  • Allowed to sort contacts by frequency of use and alphabet;
  • There are several interface colors;
  • Allows you to change the style of displaying people in the list of contacts.

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