Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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NGL is an Android utility that allows you to anonymously communicate with your followers on Instagram it creates a separate virtual space that allows you to communicate without revealing your identity. You can use it for different situations, for example, to get advice on the development of the channel or criticism.


The abbreviation NGL is formed from Not Gonna Lie (literally "I will not lie"). At the first launch you need to specify your Instagram login. Then there is an opportunity to generate a unique link to a new virtual space. It can be left on your page or in another social network. After clicking on the link, anyone can leave their own comment or question. All messages arrive in the application in the form of separate emails. After reading, a green icon is added and the color of the header changes. The interface allows you to change the sorting mode or delete an item. The option to add a reply to such appeals is provided. It is shown in the general Instagram feed.


The application provides a high level of anonymity and protection of personal data. Other users have no way to recognize the author of the publication. It also uses an AI-based tool that analyzes the content of emails. This allows you to effectively block insult, profanity and advertising. It is worth considering that paid options are provided. For a certain amount of money, the account owner can get information about the sender's device. In some cases, such a hint allows you to make an assumption about who exactly sent the message.


  • anonymous communication with subscribers is provided;
  • unique link is used for access;
  • automatic filtering of profanity and insults;
  • integration with Instagram account is required;
  • there is an opportunity to leave a reply;
  • free download.
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