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Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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ASL BELGISI is an Android application that allows residents of Uzbekistan to check the authenticity of goods. A built-in barcode scanner is used for verification. Basic information about the goods is displayed, and if a counterfeit is detected, you can quickly send the information to the controlling authorities.


The utility is designed to effectively protect users from counterfeit products. At the moment of publication the digital labeling has been introduced for medicines, alcohol, household appliances, drinks and tobacco products. In the future it is planned to apply similar QR codes to other groups of goods. The program also allows to get the basic information about the product. The date of production, manufacturer, composition, expiration date and so on are displayed. If the data doesn't coincide, it means that the product or the device is fake.


After installing the program, you need to allow access to the built-in camera. Then you need to activate the scanning mode and combine the QR code with the green frame on the screen. A separate option allows you to activate the flash, it can be useful in low light. The recognition is performed automatically, after that the program takes a picture and starts checking the data. If necessary, the resulting data set can be saved or sent to another user. The basic functionality is available without creating a personal account, and there is also an option to create an account based on a phone number. In the second case, the program will save the history of checks. In the help section, instructions on working with the program and a selection of useful materials on the topic are available.


  • the program is oriented to residents of Uzbekistan;
  • it is possible to quickly check the information about the goods by means of a QR code;
  • function of sending information about counterfeit goods;
  • simple interface, complex settings are not provided;
  • access to the camera is required;
  • free download.

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