Category: Photograph
System: Android 4.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 67


Benzin is an Android app that provides access to neural network for photo processing. A large number of tools are supported, including background removal.


The platform can be used in different directions - preparing product cards, creating presentations and so on. The program allows you to automatically determine the central object, its borders and remove the background. Integration with the 1C package and other programs via API is supported. The functionality allows you to upload data for processing and send the finished result. The presence of a full API allows you to create integration with other programs or services. This can be used, for example, for mass processing of product photos. In large stores, there can be a huge number of items, and manual processing takes a lot of time.


A separate panel allows you to upload up to one hundred photos at a time. You can select images via explorers or specify direct Internet links. Data is processed in batch mode, just select the desired mode and wait for completion. By default, white is used for the background, but you can choose another color from the set in the settings. It is also possible to use another image for the background. Additional tools such as edge cropping, cropping, resizing, and a number of others are provided. After the processing is complete, a preliminary result is displayed. The user can select the necessary files that will be uploaded as an archive. The Help section contains a description of the program's main features. The process of integration with other platforms is described in detail, there is a selection of ready-made examples.


  • quick background removal from an image;
  • batch mode is supported;
  • integration with other programs;
  • the interface is available in Russian and English;
  • free download.

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