Category: Browsers
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Mint is a browser for Android platform from Xiaomi. It uses a simple interface, supports all modern technologies used on Internet sites. Necessary modules and settings are available. The program is adapted to mobile platforms and is characterized by low requirements for hardware resources.


The developers focused on ensuring high speed of work. Only the necessary functionality is used, the interface is not overloaded with unnecessary elements. The overall design of the interface resembles the company's regular browser, which is used in the brand's smartphones. At the same time, the developers did not add additional functionality that plays a secondary role and slows down the work. Practice shows that many users prioritize the speed of work, refusing unnecessary tools.


After installation, the utility requests a number of permissions, including access to location, camera, calls and multimedia. It is recommended to grant all necessary permissions for the program to work correctly. If necessary, you can immediately set it as the default browser. A search bar with voice input support is provided, there is a panel with a set of links for quick access to popular resources. The list can be edited by adding your own items. A separate icon activates the tab management function. Incognito mode is supported, providing anonymous access to the network. In the lower right corner there is a button to access an additional menu. You can access the history, downloads and a button to activate the night mode. There is an option to save traffic and a form to search for information on the current page. Advanced settings contain three sections:
  • special features:
  • basic settings;
  • other.
The panel allows you to change the search engine, text size, initiate a reset, clear history and temporary files. For convenience, the program allows you to change the folder for downloading files. A help section is also provided.


  • the browser is based on the development of Xiaomi;
  • simple interface, only the basic functionality;
  • traffic saving mode is supported;
  • free download.

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