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Thailand VPN

Thailand VPN
Category: VPN
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Thailand VPN is an Android application that allows you to connect to the network through intermediate nodes within Thailand. Allows you to effectively bypass site blocking. Registration is not required to access the functionality. It is enough to install the program, run it and select a suitable server in the list of available ones. A separate icon in the interface allows you to access the settings panel. Technical information is displayed next to each server, including the current access speed and load level. This allows you to quickly find the optimal gateway, which will ensure maximum speed. For convenience, the entries are sorted automatically by access speed - the optimal options are at the top. It should be remembered that only infrastructure on the territory of Thailand is used. If the access speed decreases, it is recommended to switch to another node.

Bypassing blocking

Currently, the main area of use of programs of this type is to bypass various blockings by territoriality. This can be social networks, news portals and so on. VPN allows you to get full access to the resource, you can register accounts, download content and much more.


Connecting through an intermediate node also increases privacy. All requests to the end server come from a different gateway. Additional encryption is also used to prevent data compromise. The general principle of the application is standard. After selecting an intermediate element, you need to click on the button to switch to VPN. After connection, a separate panel displays the current statistics and general connection parameters. After that, all applications will go online through the virtual network. The platform provides minimal signal delay and acceptable access speed. To switch to the normal mode, it is enough to press the button again.


  • Intermediate nodes are located on the territory of Thailand;
  • additional encryption is provided;
  • effective blocking bypass;
  • simple interface;
  • free download.
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