Category: Services
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 103


UNO is an Android application from Hi Tech Bank. It allows residents of Uzbekistan to manage their accounts, make transfers, pay for goods and services. It provides access to statistics.

Payment for services

The program provides all the necessary tools to pay for goods and services. For search there is a convenient catalog, divided into categories. You can pay for the Internet, utility bills, fines and much more. Payment in online stores and various resources is supported. The program allows you to make a payment by scanning a QR code. It is enough to point the camera, wait until the details are recognized and confirm the payment. To search in the catalog, you can use the company name or details.

Invoice management

It should be taken into account that the program is intended for UzCard system users only, SMS-notification must be connected. Instant transfers to different banks are supported. It is necessary to choose a convenient way to identify the recipient and fill in all the specified fields. The main page of the personal account allows you to monitor the current balance. A separate tab contains detailed statistics on the movement of funds. The interface allows you to select the desired period and generate a report for analysis. When you click on any record, detailed information about the transaction is displayed - time, amount, details and so on. It is possible to make a new account or another product from the list of available ones. If you have any questions or difficulties in the process of work, you can contact the support service through a special form. When a response is received, a notification is activated.


  • fast payment for goods and services;
  • payment function by means of a standard QR code;
  • creation of templates and regular payments;
  • Touch ID protection support;
  • access to statistics;
  • free download.

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