skeld net

skeld net
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 230


Skeld net is an Android application for connecting to the public Among Us server. A large number of add-ons and game modes are available, which are radically different from the original project.


In the original game, users need to work together to track down a traitor who is trying to sabotage ship repairs while remaining undetected. In the course of the game, he arranges accidents, seeking to get rid of the entire crew. The user can play as the imposter, trying to kill other players. The application provides access to a private server, which provides a different plot. A large number of tasks are available, which are radically different from the original line. Various game modes are provided. One of the most popular additions is the "Zombies" format. All players are police officers and perform various tasks. However, at an arbitrary moment, some of them turn into zombies. To win, they must infect the rest of the users. Other non-standard modes are also available.


To access the functionality, you need to pre-install the official game client on your device. Then you can launch the application and select the game mode - online and offline formats are supported. It is recommended to use a stable network connection for comfortable work. Integration with the platform is provided Discord this allows you to communicate with other users directly during the game. In the help section are available key features of the project, a list of add-ons and available settings.


  • access to the private server Among Us;
  • large selection of add-ons;
  • simple interface;
  • offline mode is supported;
  • integration with Discord platform;
  • free download.
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