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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Cxxdroid is a software that allows you to take a course in learning a programming language called C++. A built-in code editor is available, as well as a compiler. An option responsible for syntax highlighting is implemented. The application is equipped with an intuitive English-language interface.


The program allows you to learn the previously mentioned programming language. The first thing a person will be asked to indicate his experience in writing code in this language. The utility gives three options to choose from: no knowledge, several simple programs have been written, and there is sufficient experience. Depending on the user's answer, the utility will give access to a different number of tutorials.

Editor capabilities

The mobile utility is equipped with its own editor for writing program code in the previously specified language. A person can use the editor toolkit to perform practical tasks and self-check his/her knowledge. One can also use it to test code samples that are given in the training materials. When writing code, a person can use a lot of convenient tools that greatly simplify this process. For example, the mobile editor has an option to highlight syntax. Also, the utility is able to independently make indents in the necessary places. When the user finishes working on his code, he will be able to compile it with the help of the tool built into the editor. At the same time, the creators have implemented a useful library in the application, which is responsible for significantly speeding up the compilation process.


The user can go to the editor parameters and change the color design. Also, the program allows you to activate the option that allows you to cache compiler data.


  • A utility for learning C++;
  • There is a built-in editor for writing code;
  • Full-featured work on current versions of Android;
  • Free access to all features of the application;
  • Compiler is available;
  • The program does not need a network connection;
  • Syntax highlighting is present.
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