Down Dog

Down Dog
Category: Education and e-books
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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Down Dog is a mobile utility that is compatible with Android devices. The features of this program will suit people who do yoga. The utility has music compositions for classes, virtual trainers and much more.

Yoga classes

When first turning on the utility, a person will see a registration page. Here, the user will be offered three ways to create an account. One of them allows you to create a profile by entering your e-mail address and coming up with a password. Other methods allow you to authorize through the following accounts Facebook и Google when a person completes the registration procedure, he or she will get access to the workout collection and other features of the mobile program. There is a huge number of classes available in the utility. During yoga classes, the available exercises in the catalog are shown in random order, thus giving uniqueness to each session. The program also has a separate course for beginners. Its duration is three days. After its completion, the user will be able to move on to other exercises. To make it easier for the user to tune in to the exercises, the mobile application allows the user to play music. The user is also allowed to activate a voice assistant, which will give advice on how to perform various actions. The assistant can be customized by choosing one of six voices and one of ten localization languages. It is worth noting that the information about the exercises is stored on the developers' servers, so to access them the user needs a connection to the network. However, a person is able to pre-load the desired exercises in the memory. This will allow you to do yoga in situations where it is not possible to establish a stable connection to the Internet.


  • Free utility for practicing yoga;
  • Support for modern versions of Android;
  • Presence of Russian-language localization;
  • Ability to download exercises to the device memory.
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