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Category: Services
System: Android 8.0
Program Status: Free
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TEZ BOL is an Android application that allows you to apply for a microcredit in Kazakhstan. The application form is sent online, and if approved, the funds are transferred to the bank card.

Application Formalization

Before registration it is possible to familiarize yourself with all the terms and conditions. You can find out the payment schedule, total repayment amount and monthly payment depending on the selected parameters. You can use the built-in calculator to select the optimal schedule. After registration, a separate tab displays all the necessary information. The user can find out the date of payment and the balance. There is a notification mode about the date of the next payment, the function can be changed in the parameters. Microcredit can be obtained only by an adult user permanently residing in the country. The loan term can be selected in the range of 2-12 months. There is no commission for early repayment. After installing the program, it is necessary to create a personal account, a phone number is specified. It is important to specify the correct number, because the check is carried out with the help of a code in the message. Next, you need to specify personal information, choose the amount and term of the loan. After sending the questionnaire is considered by specialists, the answer will come in the form of an SMS-message. It should be taken into account that in case of refusal, the company does not inform the reason, which is practiced by many services of this type. Also, the algorithm of data verification is not disclosed.

Support service

The company provides round-the-clock support, you can contact via the built-in chat. In case of financial difficulties, it is possible to change the payment schedule. The company tries to be loyal to clients and use an individual approach. Additional bonuses are provided for repeated applications.


  • the opportunity to apply for a microloan in Kazakhstan;
  • minimal data set;
  • convenient interface;
  • funds are transferred to the card;
  • phone number is specified for registration;
  • chat with the support service;
  • free download.
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