Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 90


Symbolab is an Android application that allows you to perform complex mathematical calculations. You can solve tasks in chemistry, geometry, algebra and other subjects.


The program supports more than 100 functions. This allows you to solve equations and inequalities from different areas. All available tools are conveniently divided into separate tabs. Two modes can be used to enter data. In the first case, the condition is entered manually. The virtual keyboard contains all the necessary elements - numbers, mathematical symbols, chemical components. It is also possible to take a picture of the task and upload it as a picture. In the interface, basic camera settings are available, including the activation of the flashlight. The algorithm will automatically recognize the condition and start looking for a solution. Each of the sections is accompanied by a selection of example problems and equations. This allows you to understand the general algorithm of the solution. The application correctly solves tasks with modules, fractions, percentages, limits, matrices, vectors and many others. A module for working with graphs is built in. It is worth considering that the display of step-by-step problem solving is available only after subscribing. The description of the paid version and payment instructions can be found in the help section. Additional features: There is a built-in notebook where you can save notes. All previously entered examples are saved in the history. There is an option to create a personal account that adds a number of new features. A full list of available features is published in the help section. There is a description of the interface and recommendations for improving the efficiency of the program.


  • the program allows you to perform complex calculations;
  • a selection of examples of ready-made solutions;
  • you can use the camera to load the condition;
  • all tasks are saved in the history;
  • graphing function;
  • free download.

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