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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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DNS66 is an Android application that allows you to block advertising modules. It uses changes to DNS parameters, which ensures reliable disabling of different types of advertisements. At the same time, no special skills or knowledge are required from the user. The program already has a set of popular servers built in, the list is constantly updated.

Working principle

After installing the program, a built-in blacklist with a set of popular ad servers is immediately activated. The database is constantly checked and updated. If an application tries to download an ad block, it will not be able to access the server, requests will simply not reach the end node. This allows you to save traffic and provide high speed to other applications. This is especially true if the user uses access via a mobile network and a limited traffic package. Also, such ad blocks can often simply annoy or close some of the useful content. Often developers try to increase the profit from advertising and use intrusive blocks or opening to the whole screen. Periodically there are situations when the built-in block simply overlaps the controls. In the settings, it is recommended to activate the mode of automatic loading at system startup - this will increase the reliability of blocking. Programs cannot access external servers already at system startup. It is possible to add your own servers to the blocking list, a convenient editor is provided for this purpose. All necessary instructions for work can be found in the help section. The general principle of operation, interface and available settings are described. Communication with the developers is provided.


  • reliable ad blocking;
  • custom blacklist;
  • DNS route editing is used;
  • you can activate blocking for individual applications;
  • simple interface;
  • free download.

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