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GPS Explorer

GPS Explorer
Category: Maps
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 134


GPS Explorer is an Android application that is a compass. It is possible to quickly determine the sides of the world, select the desired direction and share the current geolocation with friends.


The program allows you to navigate in unfamiliar terrain. Before going on a hike, you can save the current coordinates. Beforehand, you need to activate the GPS module and allow the program to access it. If you need to return to the starting point, just activate the corresponding option in the application. The screen will display a marker showing the desired direction. The distance and estimated time of arrival with the current speed are also indicated. All parameters are calculated automatically and updated in real time. By checking the indicated direction you can return to the starting point by the shortest route.


In the parameters you can change the design theme and specify units of measurement. The function of quick sending of current coordinates to other users is built in - you can use messenger, e-mail or other methods. This function will be useful if you need to meet in an unfamiliar location. To save battery power, you can change the frequency of updating the current position. In most cases, frequent checking is not necessary, but active use of the GPS module can noticeably increase power consumption. A list of all available parameters is available in the help section. There is also a brief instruction manual, a description of the interface and a list of all necessary permissions.


  • the application allows you to select the desired direction;
  • saving a reference point to return to;
  • the ability to send your location to your friends;
  • saving a list of coordinates to a GPX file;
  • simple interface;
  • free download.

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