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Kaspersky Secure Connection

Kaspersky Secure Connection
Category: Other (Security)
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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Kaspersky Secure Connection is an Android application that provides reliable protection of network connection. The use of strong encryption ensures secure data exchange even if the connection is made via a public access point.


The program was developed by specialists from Kapersky Lab, which has been developing tools for protection against Internet threats for many years. The current development detects attacks of different types, regardless of the method of connection. Built-in anti-virus databases are constantly updated, which allows you to block new viruses. There is also a module to detect any suspicious activity. It allows you to record new threats that have not yet entered the main database of the company. When connecting to a new access point, the utility automatically analyzes the level of protection. If the channel successfully passes the check, a corresponding notification is displayed. Further work is performed in automatic mode - open pages and downloaded files are checked. If a potential danger is detected, a warning is displayed, but the user has the option to continue working.

Connection protection

The program allows you to securely protect passwords, payment data and other important information. It allows you to make purchases and transfer information from your bank card. The program supports operation via VPN service, intermediate nodes are located in more than 40 locations. This mode allows you to effectively bypass territorial blocking. Full anonymity is ensured during operation, requests, history and information are not stored on external servers. When a threat is detected, its description is displayed, and the user chooses the next action.


  • reliable protection of personal data;
  • traffic encryption
  • access point protection level analysis;
  • connection via VPN;
  • free download.

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