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Pulse Music

Pulse Music
Category: Players
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Pulse Music is an advanced player with which you can listen to music and other audio files on your smartphone. Note that there are a lot of additional features here, required for convenience. For example, equalizer, sleep timer, track filter and so on.

Music playback

In general, this is a standard player, with which you can simply start playing files from the internal memory of the device. To do this, the user will simply need to grant access to the internal storage, after which Pulse Music will analyze all available music files. These will be displayed along with the song lyrics and its cover art, if this data is present in the cell phone. The player is designed in a simple but extremely functional style. So, with its help you will be able to stop playback, as well as rewind the track to the desired moment. You will also be able to set a sleep timer to turn off playback after a certain amount of time. And for more convenient playback of all the music, you can create your own playlist and fill it with the desired tracks in your own playback order.

Sound settings

If you want to make the sound more pleasant, you can always use the built-in equalizer functions. It will allow you to saturate the bass, cut off unnecessary frequencies, emphasize the middle and so on. There are also personalization settings that will help you change the appearance of the player. Note and the presence of a widget on the main screen of the android smartphone, which will allow you to quickly play music.

Main features

  • The program is designed to play music from the internal memory of the smartphone;
  • The player has additional functions such as: equalize, personalization, creating playlists;
  • Allows you to change some appearance parameters;
  • Play allows you to rewind the track to the desired place.

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