Dolby On

Dolby On
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
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Dolby on is a specialized program for android that allows you to improve the sound quality of video and audio recordings. With its help, you can get rid of background noise, increase the sound frequency, as well as adjust the volume and bass. Thus, it is a great tool for improving video and audio quality. It includes all the necessary functions that allow you to realize the corresponding task. The interface is characterized by intuitive clarity and convenient navigation, so no one will have problems with the operation of the software.


This is an official development from the company of the same name, which was created to provide an excellent alternative to a voice recorder with studio quality. Thanks to it, you can create the most professional and high-quality sound without expensive equipment and home studio. The utility functions by reducing background noise automatically, extending the stereo effect and optimizing the volume level. It supports various styles that have been preset in advance. These can be used to change the sound with a single touch. You can also adjust the built-in equalizer manually. In the settings of the mobile client you can enable noise analysis, increase bass, check the memory of the phone device, and also enhance treble. The application supports the option of trimming melodies that were recorded with a microphone.

How to save?

To use the utility, you need to give permission to record audio. It can process incoming audio for a variety of platforms, including instagram и facebook the program has streaming functions and integration with twitch. Due to this, users can enter broadcasts and podcasts. Content that was made through the software is available in a separate section. Songs that were recorded can be saved to the phone, sent to social networks or through messengers.


  • the ability to improve the sound quality of audio and video;
  • availability of processing modes in automatic mode;
  • built-in equalizer is available.
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