Hi Q MP3

Hi Q MP3
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Hi Q MP3 is an application for android gadgets with which you can record conversations, speeches, lectures and more. It guarantees high sound quality and allows you to select the bitrate. Essentially, it is a functional voice recorder that creates audio using a microphone. You can customize it according to your individual preference by selecting the most suitable settings. With the capabilities of the menu can be understood by every user, as it is made intuitive and convenient. The program can be downloaded completely free of charge to a device that is running the above operating system.


To use the software, you need to give permission to access the microphone and internal storage of your smartphone. Before you start recording, you need to configure copying files to dropbox cloud or google drive. Thus, the application will automatically save the relevant content. Moreover, the mobile client gives you the opportunity to select and perform sound settings. You can save the content in several formats, including MP3, wav, maa and so on. To start recording, you need to press the button that is located at the bottom of the display. It is worth mentioning right away that the free version is accompanied by certain limitations on the duration of recording. To get rid of this, you need to purchase a paid subscription.

How to listen?

The application gives you the opportunity to listen to conversations that were recorded through the microphone, as well as perform other manipulations with the created files. For example, they can be deleted and renamed. You can add a widget to the screen, so you can start recording faster when you need it. With the help of the program, you can hide notifications about the audio recording process. At the same time, they can be disguised as icons of third-party utilities or system reminders.


  • free software distribution;
  • a tool for recording conversations, lectures, concerts and other events;
  • ability to synchronize with the cloud.
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