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Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Office Suite is a smartphone program that runs on the Android operating system. Its main task is to create presentations, tables and documents. The developers have implemented a cloud, where you can save various content, and the function of editing PDF files. The application supports a huge number of formats, including the most popular ones, which are created using powerpoint, word and excel. The finished content can be saved to the phone's internal storage and makes backup copies.

How to edit?

The mobile client has a huge number of tools, thanks to which you can edit presentations, tables and documents. You can choose letter sizes and fonts, insert illustrations and customize margins. In addition, here you can make charts and graphs based on tables with information. The developers have implemented the option to add transitions between slides and the ability to save files in the phone memory. If desired, they can be copied to the available cloud. Moreover, here you can integrate with onedrive, google disk and other similar utilities. Immediately it is worth mentioning that most of the tools are not available in free format. To take advantage of the advanced functionality, you will have to buy a license.


This software supports virtual signatures. Users can protect content from changes and ensure integrity. In addition, it is possible to install a security key to gain access to documents. While editing pdf-files, the software allows you to leave comments. It is also possible to convert files to other formats.


  • Mobile client can be downloaded to operate on a free basis;
  • availability of paid content;
  • tool for creating and editing presentations, documents and tables;
  • the ability to synchronize with cloud storage;
  • compatibility with android devices.

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