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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Bridgefy is a messenger utility with an English-language interface. The program functions are available to the user even when there is no connection to the network. It is possible to customize the sound accompaniment of notifications. The program allows you to correspond in both personal and group chats.


After installing the program, a person will be able to communicate with people who also have this messenger downloaded. The main feature of the utility is that the user is able to exchange messages, even if his portable device is not connected to the network. To transmit messages in offline mode, you need to enable Bluetooth. It should be noted that there is a limitation with this method of communication. The interlocutors must be close to each other. The maximum allowable distance for offline communication is one hundred meters. Through messenger you can send not only text messages. The user is also allowed to send videos, pictures, documents and other types of files. In addition, the application is equipped with an option to send messages in bulk. Due to this function, a person is able to quickly send important information to many interlocutors.


The developers have implemented a special encryption method in the mobile program. Thanks to this, files and messages transmitted through chats cannot be hacked by third parties. The utility stores all data in the memory of the portable device.


  • Free messenger that allows you to communicate without connection to the Internet;
  • English-language interface text;
  • Group and private conversations are available;
  • Support for current versions of the Android mobile system;
  • Allow you to send various files, including images;
  • Ability to customize the sound of alerts;
  • Reliable protection of user correspondence;
  • Bluetooth must be activated to use the utility in offline mode.
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