Lets VPN

Lets VPN
Category: Other (Security)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Lets VPN is a program through which users can connect to foreign servers to bypass regional blockages. In addition, the application allows you to hide your real location. The interface of the utility is available in Russian, English and a number of other languages. Free use is limited in time.

Connecting to the server

First, the user will need to select a remote server from another country. Among the countries represented in the online service are: France, Japan, Australia, Australia, Canada, Brazil, USA, Germany, UK, China and many others. The application also has a function to automatically select the most suitable server. After successfully connecting to the previously selected server, a person will be able to hide their real location. Also, after connecting to a foreign server, the user will have access to web resources that were inaccessible due to the restrictions of the local administrator or government agencies. It should be noted that the user can use the mobile program for free only for a few days. Then the application will ask to purchase a premium subscription. However, a person is able to extend the free time of the program. To do this, the user needs to send invitations to his friends.


The program is equipped with a special encryption algorithm. Thanks to this, Internet traffic is protected from hacking. The presence of such protection allows you to connect to public wireless points without worrying about the safety of personal information.


  • Access to VPN service with an extensive catalog of foreign servers;
  • Availability of a free period;
  • Full-featured work on current versions of mobile OC;
  • Advanced method of encryption of Internet traffic is used;
  • Multilingual interface text;
  • Availability of an option for automatic server selection.
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