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Toca Life World

Toca Life World
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 231


Toca Life World is a specialized program with which you can create original worlds and bring to reality the craziest ideas point it supports a variety of locations and characters that can be actively used to implement the tasks at hand.


This is a useful utility for mobile devices running the android operating system. With its help, you can create various worlds and follow the events that occur in them. There are fixed scenarios here, but you can start a new chain of events by performing a specific action. This mobile client has locations from parts of the game of the same name, including the city itself, the office, the clinic and more. It implies a general collection world, where the universes that were previously created intersect. The main distinguishing feature of this software is the huge number of characters. Each user can add more than 30 characters, which differ from each other by different characteristics. Including their differences are in appearance, behavior and character. To any action they react individually and their further behavior is impossible to predict. On several locations are a variety of entertainment, including shopping centers, stores. Users can send their own hero to any location and make him do a specific manipulation. Thus, it is possible to become an observer of the butterfly effect, when events trigger subsequent manipulations. This utility is a great assistant in the education of a child. It is able to develop thinking and help the child to make a logical chain of events to achieve a result. On the basis of what happened, children memorize primitive connections.


  • the program is distributed on a free basis;
  • the ability to create a unique world with many characters;
  • an excellent tool for developing a child's logic.
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