Category: Other (System)
System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 255


Daichi is a software that gives a person the ability to control the operation of air conditioners from a distance. The interface of the utility has Russian language localization. There is an option responsible for scheduling of air conditioners. The application works only with equipment of the same name.


To use the utility, a person needs branded air conditioners from the company of the same name that sells climate control equipment. For successful synchronization with air conditioners, the user should install a special controller in the split system. Then the user will have to connect the equipment to the wireless network. From this moment the mobile program will be able to synchronize with branded air conditioners.


The user is able to categorize the available air conditioners into groups. For example, the equipment from the office can be added to one category, and the equipment from the living room can be added to another category. After that, the person will be able to give general commands to air conditioners from one group. Using the tools of the mobile application a person can regulate the temperature. It is also possible to activate different modes of operation of the equipment. For example, it is possible to turn on cooling, ventilation, heating or dehumidification. The application has a special function that allows you to form a schedule for the equipment. Thanks to this, the user will not have to make changes in the operation of the climate control equipment. The user is also allowed to use the timer.


  • Free utility for controlling the work of equipment from the company of the same name;
  • It is possible to create a schedule;
  • Full compatibility with new versions of Android;
  • It is possible to use the timer;
  • Allowed to distribute air conditioners in different groups;
  • Russian localization is present.

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