Sprint Layout

Sprint Layout
Category: Computer-aided design systems (CAD)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Sprint Layout is highly regarded by reputable experts and users alike. It allows you to design double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards. Any radio amateur will be glad to have at his disposal such a functional assistant, which will get rid of many difficulties when working on projects. True, the program has a disadvantage, consisting in the limited size of the board, which is 300x300 mm. However, the multifunctionality of this tool, which allows exporting HPGL and Gerber, will surely impress people who understand electronics. As a rule, programs designed for professionals have such features.


At the disposal of users is a convenient toolkit designed to add conductors and their labeling. There is a possibility to carry out metallization, work with SMD-mask. One of the main directions is designing of boards based on LUT method. The main reason for this is to ensure fine-tuning of the product processing on machines. Other important tools:
  • transporter, capable of producing conductor layout;
  • an editor of components added during the process;
  • a library of elements that can be dragged and dropped into the schematic.
Not so long ago the program was modernized and equipped with an option that allows to smooth details on the plan, to access components by specified ID, to set and export Pick+Place data, to support selection of a large number of elements, to make corrections. Hotkeys are supported. Contact capture mode is provided (it works automatically).

Localization and compatibility

Sprint Layout works on almost all computers, interacts with most versions of Windows. They took care of the Russification of the application. In addition, the program is distributed for free.


  • The size of the board is limited and is 300x300 mm;
  • all components have their own editor;
  • contact capture is automatic, smoothing is also done;
  • export to HPGL and Gerber is possible;
  • large arsenal of ready components;
  • user-friendly interface (russified).
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