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Ramus is a program in which you can design visual diagrams. The software provides creation of visual business processes in the form of diagrams. Ramus comes in handy at meetings and gatherings, as well as meetings where you need to show a report on the work done by employees of the organization. In the program, you build visual diagrams that display processes of different types in organizations. All projects are built and displayed with the support of IDEF0 and DFD methodology. The program allows you to build diagrams and visually show all processes and tasks. The software provides construction of a diagram that classifies and systematizes data of different categories. The main task of Ramus Educational is to support two types of data output according to popular methodologies: DFD and IDEF0.


In the program you will see an integrated graphic environment with its own graphic file editor that allows you to work with diagrams. It contains a library with ready-made templates. You can build blocks, links and the overall structure of the entire database. Do not forget that there are no templates with diagrams in Ramus. This can be considered a disadvantage of the program. The main advantages of the software lie in the functions and tools that allow you to create your own encodings for elements. With their help, you get faster access to data and simplify the search for the necessary block in a new project. In Ramus you can also create a diagram with its reference documentation. All functions that are intended for working with reports are created as a separate module. The program allows you to create reports using HTML and jаvascript snippets.

Interesting features

The main functions and interesting tools of Ramus Educational are working with formulas in a special editor, as well as processing and managing logical operations. The software has a set of tools that allows you to improve the appearance of diagrams. If necessary, you can add smoothing to graphical objects, as well as "trim" elements using horizontal or vertical display. Even an inexperienced user can understand the software. All functions are placed on one panel, and the Ramus graphical shell is created with Russian language.

Key features

  • you can create diagrams using DFD and IDEF0 methodologies;
  • graphical file editor with a convenient toolbar and a large database of blanks (templates);
  • creation of reports and reference documents in automatic mode;
  • many tools that improve the appearance of projects;
  • simple graphical environment with a clear shell.
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