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PGP Desktop

PGP Desktop
Category: Data protection
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 28 007


PGP Desktop is a program that allows you to encrypt documents and data of special confidentiality. The software securely encrypts information using modern algorithms. PGP Desktop is suitable for users who are afraid of losing important documents. The program will take care of the security of your data and save them in your computer or laptop. In the software you protect your documents and data with the utmost precision. You will protect not only folders and special files that are on your hard disk, but also your e-mail communication.

Working principle

The program contains algorithms that hide information in asymmetric encryption. The software uses signatures with digital protection, as well as key pairs that restrict access to information. You can independently specify the "severity" of security measures, as well as choose the time that will be allocated to the relevance of the work of keys with their length.


The creators of the program released several assemblies that are designed for operation by different users. In the non-commercial version of the program with a trial license, there is a small number of functions. It can be downloaded for free. The commercial version of the Pro version of the program is available after purchasing a license.


PGP Desktop for regular users is created with the least number of features and does not contain most of the functions. For full-fledged operation of the software for personal purposes, the user will have to use the purchased version. Remember that the trial version does not have all the elements that allow you to protect all the data on your computer. Full-fledged protection of information is available only with all encryption algorithms that hide folders and files from prying eyes. The professional version of the program protects your computer from hacking and login of other users by providing encryption of folders, files as well as mail. Using this software, you will generate "protected" disks in virtual mode. If necessary, you can use a special recycle garbage can that allows you to delete files without recovery. Do not forget that the basic PGP tools are very voluminous. The creators have made a help that shows all the data on the issue you are interested in.

Key features

  • the program works for 30 days in demo version;
  • non-commercial version of the software provides encryption of folders and files;
  • operations are displayed in a special log;
  • even e-mail can be encrypted;
  • working with encrypted disks in virtual mode;
  • the program has tools that permanently delete data;
  • the software is equipped with built-in help.

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